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A New Superhero

It’s time for a new super hero and he is a "Sealien" - not an alien from outer-space, but one from beneath the sea with the ability to read human's minds and change the world.


Fantasy for Young adults

Terrible Twins

Australian identical twins, Janine and Lydia Shannon are at war with one another. A deep animosity exists between them from early childhood. Who will triumph?



Family Saga - Relationships

Wicked Scientist

Jake Roberts is an Australian scientist with a genius IQ. He creates a source of power that returns him tremendous wealth. With these riches, he invents a machine that will change the world but destroy many lives.

Science Fiction

Rising Seas

In the year 2042 as the poles melt due to climate change, dykes and barricades have been constructed around huge cities to hold back rising seas. Massive oceanic upheaval follows. 


Science Fiction - Disaster

What dreams may come?

Australian author who writes about events unfolded in dreams. My favorite author: